17 500 RR-S Throttle stepper motor adjustment

This info was given to me via the sherco forum and is the most usefull info i have had for this bike and the throttle hang. I would have sold it for the throttle hang issue but now its normal again and makes it A great bike now. ................................................
"Synerjet Models have an idle up function to reduce engine braking. This can cause bike to idle up and speed up down hills. When bike engine beds in some bikes may end-up idling up. There is a torx bit on top of the throttle body you can adjust anti-clockwise about half a turn and that should fix it.

I tried much less than a half a turn....probably 10 degrees, and it seems to have helped....in the garage.

Once I finish the fuel pump I can test it.

Seems a shame Beta dealers and their tech's don't know this.

Edited by YHGEORGE

On sherco forums there is much more info about the Synerjet system Beta info is sparse at best. "The Kran" are you running one of the plus maps or the std map for idle ? On the 2018 there is no option for the plus 300 anymore, plus 200 is it. 


On 10/11/2017 at 8:46 AM, cj_wai said:

ktm xcw have thermostats even the 2 strokes. so more lies from kranman......back to dominating your forum with all your truths.  I know   you are never ever wrong.

Right, an XCW in Austria where it is made, is called an EXC. 

I don't guess, and it's not an opinion.



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