which helmet cam

We're finally getting a video camera which means I can kidnap it when my wife isn't looking and hook up a helmet cam. :) Are there any recommendations or experiences for which models works well, or which models don't work so well? All advice welcome.


Think eveyone on here would endorse the helmetcamera.com cam.

The only drawback to all avialable helmet cams on the market today?

I think they are troublesome to set up for a ride. Lots of wires to run, camcorder protection, mounting on helmet, etc, etc...

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A friend of mine just bought one of these. Other than camcorder problems it seems to work great. We are in the process of getting another camcorder.

How do the camcorders hold up after riding on a bike? I think I'm going to spring for the extended warranty plan on the one that I get. :)

My camcorder held up fine.

I bought it brand new and I was very skeptical about throwing it around in a fanny pack exposed to rock and mud roost. So I bought a bagel container and some soft foam, cut a slit in the top for the cords and put it all in a x-large fanny pack. It was a real hassle to put it all together but at least i knew it was safe from damage.

I am in the midst of setting up my JVC805 DV to a small Netcam.

Have not had a real chance to get deeper then a schematic and buying parts, but all in all it should cost me about $1100 counting the initial cost of the camara 1k

I wil post it when I am done

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