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My daughters crf150r was under performing and was told to look at piston as I'd already cleaned the carb. Worked out the bike had done 73hrs after full rebuild which I had done when we got the bike as old owner didn't know history. Was dine in a honda shop with genuine honda parts. Im still learning and maybe pushed parts to far not sure. So my question is with me replacing the piston do the values need replacing too. I have attached a photo and because this is my first time not sure what every thing is meant to look like. As i have a muscle wasting disease and can't work full-time I'm trying to keep cost down where as before honda shops have done all the work on my farm bikes.

Ant advice would be much appreciated 20170712_162002.jpg20170712_161955.jpg

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If you're this far into the engine, you might as well have the valves & guides replaced as well plus the seats re-cut for the new valves.

Also figure installing a new cam chain and tensioner.


Costly yes, but still cheaper than fixing it after a failure.

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