Here it is fellow TT'ers...yep, my favorite day of the year..a day of celebration, reflection and joy! The date..4/26..a day just for our beloved machine..give it much praise today, and of course have a peek and a pat on the seat before leaving for work today. I know..I'm ate up.... :)

You are a stone freak, my man!

What are we going to do when we all have 450's???


Theres no date for me... :)


Looks like I'll have to celebrate with you guys! beer.gifpuke.gif

Ahh yes, truly "Good" Friday. I've decorated the garage with blue & white streamers, baked a cake and will start in on the Cuervo 1800 Resperado in a few hours! And to think, only a few days from Cinco de Mayo...what a great warm-up.

Cool...Scott..I'll be over to your place here shortly..can't let a bottle of 1800 be consumed w/o a fellow 426 rider to assist!! The boss won't mind the extended lunch..hehe

Mr.House..just put 426 stickers on for today..its all good!

he he...

I wish you guys would have come up with this idea sooner. I was looking for a reason to take today off. :)

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