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XR650L Big Gun and XRs Only header compatibility

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1 hour ago, notminimalist said:

Anyone know if Big Gun headers for an XR650L are compatible with non-Big Gun mufflers? What about XRs Only headers being compatible with non-XRs Only mufflers?

I just installed a xrs only header and its huge! my new DG V2 silencer fits right inside the header. I was bummed BUT it is almost a perfect fit so I am not going to worry about the mid pipe being a little smaller then the header. I don't think any silencer but xrs only will fit over the xrs only header. If you need the big tubes of the xrs only header I would buy a matching silencer from them. I was willing to gamble and made myself extra work. Almost sold the DG and bought one of the xrs only ones.

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