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08 wr450f Dash lights issue

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this is only a small issue. I sorted my blinkers and horn problems, and at the same time fitted led t5 bulbs for the dash lights for blinkers and high beam(Aus spec roadworthy model)

now when the revs are somewhere in the middle of the rev-range, the blinker light weakly flickers. It stops once the revs go a bit higher, or lower.

does it when I using the blinkers too. Doesn't affect their operation, but the indicator light does its own thing.


if I had to guess, assuming the redline is 10000rpm(I have no idea) and idle is 1500, I'd say it does this around 4500-5500rpm.


is it something to do with it being a led indicator globe, or more likely a wiring/elec issue still?



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