Cam for sale or trade

Ok this is turning out to be a pain in the :D

I ready to get the yz450 cam anyone best$$ or trade ?

Installed an now it will not start :)

The angle of your pic makes it impossible to tell if it is timed correctly. Do the following:

1. Double check that you are using the correct mark on the flywheel to determine TDC (align the "I" not the "H" with the mark in the cover hole)

2. After you recheck the timing mark on the flywheel, check to see if the cams are properly timed (the crank can move on you so double and triple check it)

3.Double check your valve clearances....if they are too tight it won't start. Did you reshim???

Hopefully after all this is in spec it will start. You did not do any other mod at the same time or change something did you?? Remember..."ONE MOD AT A TIME"!!!!! :)

i know i have the "I" ON THE MARK.

I wounder if i need to have it like in pdf where th intake is just below the head by 1/2 link or like i said i think my

valve spec is to tight. I just wish i had a pic to go by.

I can't see the problem is a wr450 cam an i have not done anything but this mod.


Ok now were cooking :) looks like im off on the intake by 1/2 or so. i just had one more question i was reading that there is a problem with wr cam into yz because the decom nipple pushes the valve open to much. can we debunk this as a problem of mine also?

Thanks for the pic man you are top notch in my book :D xmas card forth coming :D :D :D


I decided and ordered the YZ450 cam since I couldn't find a lot of info on the WR450 cam being installed into the 426. I'm still waiting for it, but I'll post how it turns out.

" just had one more question i was reading that there is a problem with wr cam into yz because the decom nipple pushes the valve open to much. can we debunk this as a problem of mine also?"

Wish i could help you on that one. That is the first I have heard of it. Of course I am not sure I know of anyone who used the WR cam. Get it timed and see what happens. BTW....glad the pic helped!!!!

Yeah as a matter of fact one of the forum members has a web site an it is in there also.

I think i got this all figured out First due to the fact I'm so close (tight) on my valve adjustment an the fact the push nipple pushing the valve down ferther on a 03 wr450 cam making a hard start problem.I'm adding to it with the added valve travel :)

I'm going to re shim an try it i think it will start then but the speed of the kick starter is going to be a factor as to how well or fast it starts.

Here is a link to the site as well in his links there are a few links to this site about the nipple.

hmmmm interesting. When and if you get it going be sure and post your results to the 450 Cam mod forum. That may save others some grief.

What Cam are you using? WR or YZ? On the 426's, you have 13 pins between the marks. Is this the same with the 03 and 04 bikes? Your picture has 14 pins between marks.

If you've got the WR cam, you can't advance to YZ timing. They are cam specific because of the auto decomp. WR cam for WR timing and YZ cam for YZ timing.

im not sure i follow you but it a 03 wr450 cam into a 00 yz426 bike. using this properly timed picture is this what im thinking?


When I refer to the pins, it's at the end of each link.

i can not get it to have 7 full links between. i have to split to ends into 1 pin to get 14??? i can start the bike now but takes like 10 kicks. didnt do this befor.

all the marks line up exsackly but i have that falling in the middle of link problem an seems like it's firing into header as noise has gone way up.

You are at 14 pins. I had problems with this at first also. Take a look at the 12:00 timing marks on each cam. Follow that mark out to the sprocket tooth that is in line with the 12:00 mark. This is were you start counting pins between. If you are looking at the intake cam start counting pins in the cam chain to the left until you get to the 12:00 timing mark on the exhaust cam. I would set it to 13 pins and then try it (advance your current exhaust cam 1 tooth clockwise)

Thanks man that did the trick :D:):usa::D:usa::D

It started right up 2nd kick i let it run an then cool an started up nice.i did notice one thing an i know i seen a post about this also. The exhaust header was getting red i did have it in shed an there was not much air but other then that it feels nice.

I can't say THANK YOU enuf times :D

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