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KTM 625 SMC '07 Stator cover removal.

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Hi all, 


I've had a gasket perish on the stator cover of my KTM 625 LC4. 

I originally thought it was the small starter cover above (to the left in the photograph), but now the rubber seal on this has been replaced, I'm sure it can't be this. 


The image I've attached also shows that the stator cover gasket looks tired, it looks shrunken into the cover and darker where the oil seems to have soaked it. 

My question is, can the replacement of the cover gasket be done without dropping the oil? Someone with an RC8 has stated that it doesn't need a full oil drain for this... But that's a different bike. 


Additionally, does the gasket need preparing with any type of sealant? 

Last of all, many have said that the paper gaskets have a pretty limited lifespan, is there a different type of replacement gasket I should be using that will last more indefinitely? 

The leak is currently pretty minimal, I'm assuming I have a couple of rides left in it before it becomes more urgent. I do want to address it soon though as anything leaking drives me bat shi- 


You lot know I'm sure. 


Image references (blue is wind, shows where it has blown oil onto starter cover and bolt head, orange is line of gasket reference, black is the suspect leak location (dirtier and gasket shrunken, looks soaked in oil). Yellow shows where oil has travelled). 




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