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Oil Consumption wr250f 2016

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At the last oil change notice that it comes out less than it puts in the manual and that with the engine cold comes something humble that then disappears in hot. It happens to someone else in the new wr? Will I have any thread?

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keep an eye on the site glass. I would sit upright on stand and change oil. Run it to warm up. 

Then put on stand and let sit for a couple minutes. 

Take picture of site glass. 

ride for a period of time.

sit on stand take & picture of site glass.


repeat above until you need to change the oil. Now compare pictures to see if it is really going down. Always take pictures when engine is fully warm or fully cold while on stand level and in the same location to avoid error. 

BTW my 2017 WR250F doesn't fluctuate. The oil may go down a bit between changes but not noticeable on site glass. 

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