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"ATV" Reg in CT

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Hey all,

I'm a noob here, and getting back into the idea of riding dirt.  As a CT resident, my legal options are small, but luckily I live very close to the Thomaston Dam so that's what I'm targeting.  

I have a KX100 that I race mini supermoto with, but has plenty of power to get me back out there tooling around.  Thomaston Dam requires a state ATV registration to enter and ride.

CT used to have an ATV registration form, you also needed a bill of sale and a drivers license and you were good to Reg.

I just went to the DMV to pick up the ATV Reg form.  Apparently it doesn't exist anymore, and I am supposed to use the standard Reg form that you would use for a vehicle or motorcycle reg.

I am fairly certain i'm going to show up with my Reg form, Bill of Sale, license and credit card and get sent home because no one knows whats going on.

Has anyone here successfully registered an "ATV" in CT with the standard (H13 i think) reg form in the past year or so?

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in case anyone searches and finds this:

I did successfully register my bike as an ATV CT today using the standard registration form (H13 I believe).  there was one slight hiccup.

I did not have a title or MCO for this bike, so they allowed me to sign an affidavit that stated I obtained the bike legally and to the best of my knowledge there were no leans.  When they started the reg process and entered the VIN, it came back as "invalid."  They fiddled with a few things and ultimately told me that i needed to get a VIN check and come back with the form certifying that the VIN was Correct.

VIN inspector compared my Reg application with the VIN written on it, to the bike, and sent me off with my form.  The DMV then used the VIN inspection sheet as proof and called Weathersfield main office to have someone manually enter the VIN in to their system so that it could be processed.  After that it was smooth sailing.  Luckily i got a SUPER helpful and friendly DMV employee and she went above and beyond to get me sorted out today.

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I did get a plate, but it is an ATV plate, NOT legal for road use.

I have not yet received a title for it, but didn't explicitly attempt to get one.  All I wanted was an ATV  reg so I could ride at Thomaston. 

I did just discover a way to add headlight and brake like to my bike so I may, just for haha, research getting it inspected and street reg'd. 

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