Georgia Poker Runs

bmccutcheon, I will be at Perry, if I can get my 2001 WR426 demon figured out & permanently fixed. The bike only has 4 rides on it. On the 3rd ride the flywheel & stator tore up - made all kind of disasterous noices. Yamaha warranteed it, last night on 4th ride at Bremen, same thing after a ride around the track, at idle all of a sudden wild noise, cough & cutoff. After quick exam, stator magnets flew off again. I am at a total loss as of what is going on. Anyway, nice to know there is another Southern Rider that post on here.

Cool...I will be taking a crew of 4 to Perry, 3 knuckleheads, and me the geriatric rider. Look for a full sized Green Ford Custom Van with an 18ft white Race Trailer #53 on the Door, and a Generator mounted on the tounge. I grew up in Bremen, The owner of the Track (King Kelly) is a friend. We have some awsome riding on the powerlines in Buchanan behind the fire dept (10 miles) and an even better place in Dallas, Ga (5000 acres plus 8 miles of PL's. We run all over the place two wkkeends a month...(The other two were at the lake.) E-mail me and I'll give you my phone #, You're welcome to join us anytime.


It is not looking good for Sunday at this point. I will delivering my broken "NEW" 2001 WR to the dealer in Dalton tomarrow. I may be able to get my YZF ready, I will just have to see. At some point, I would like to meet you & ride. Thanks for the response, if I come down, I will come over. Take care & pass some cars for me.....I like that track next to I-75, you can pass the cars..

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