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Seeking Advice With Front Fender Replacement

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Hey Guys and Gals. I need some help :/

When I bought my used drz400s, it came with an aftermarket, shorty SM style front fender. I didnt even realise this till my first offroad/mud experience, which left my face covered with mud... Between this tiny front fender, and my small 17 inch front rim, Its not possible to ride this bike in the mud :(  it flings it eeeverywhere!

I went to buy a stock replacement S front fender, But between websites stating "image may not be of exact item" (-or something along those lines) and some websites stating there is an updated front fender for 2008 on, and the SM stock fender is different from the S fender, Im confused, and am worried Ill order the wrong fender. My local dealer will not return a special order item (aftermarket front fender) and returning anything online is obviously less then ideal...

My goal is to achieve the best possible "mud coverage" from my front fender. Looks comes second for me on this one! 

So my questions are:

1. From experience, can anybody tell me if the 08 and earlier or 08 and later front fenders offer the same coverage? I would assume the 08 and later would be a "better looking fender" and of course I would go for this one if they both offer the same coverage from mud. Does anyone have any experience with these two fenders?

2. Im assuming the stock super motor front fender offers less protection front the mud...  I would purchase the Super motor front fender over the S fender for the looks of it, if it offers the same protection from the mud... Any experience with this?

Down the road I plan on replacing my side covers. Im considering just buying a full kit front a site like this: http://www.mx1canada.com/acerbis-black-plastic-kit-for-suzuki-drz-400-2041080001.html

But Im not sure about the front fender....

Sigh..... Ive got a 4 day trip planned on this bike for the end of the month, and didn't realise it would be so confusing....

Im cutting it close with ordering times now and am starting to freak out... lol

any help would be appreciated.

-then I wonder if the E model front fender is differnt again... :(

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the S fender provides the most protection .. the oem SM is alot bigger than the aftermarket bs fenders and looks better and actually isnt too bad, but there will be more sling right out the front which will flip up pretty bad at a certain speed, higher speed isnt too bad and really slow speed isnt, but theres that one spot though lol ..

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