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Old Bike, Low Miles: What should I be on the look out for

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Hey everyone. I've searched around on the forum and internet searches and haven't really found anything specific. I've found a number of threads about old bikes with high mileage, but not old bikes with low mileage. I'm completely new to the KLR and have no past experience with it, so I'm hoping that you guys can give me some things to look for on an older bike. 

I'm going to look at a 2000 KLR 650 on Sunday with just under 4000 miles on it (assuming the odometer is accurate).

I've asked the seller the following questions and I'm waiting to hear back.

  1. -Are you the original owner?
  2. -Is the mileage accurate? 
  3. -If so, is there a reason why there are only 3850 miles on it? 
  4. -Was it not ridden for long periods at a time?
  5. -Are there any aftermarket parts or modifications?
  6. -Have there been/Are there any issues with the bike at all? 
  7. -Why are you selling?

What other questions should I ask?

What are some things I should look for (other than the obvious when buying used bikes) on old, low mileage bikes? Specifically on a KLR? Or should I not be concerned with what seems like unreasonably low mileage on an almost 18 year old bike?

I'll be riding most of the day on Saturday and probably won't be responding then, but I'll check back in to answer and questions or reply between now and then. 



Thanks in advance.


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I realize the forum isn't super active and these types of threads usually don't get a lot of traffice, so no big deal. I'm actually going to take a look at it in the morning as the ride I was scheduled for got cancelled. I'll post up some pictures if it comes home with me. If not, on to the next bike.

I'll still be checking back tonight for any advice that someone may post between now and then. 


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Depending on price I'd buy that bike in one second.
Price... Its probably worth about $1200.
Yes tons of aftermarket parts and support for those bikes.

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Dave - I'll look over at advrider. Thanks for the suggestion


Arthur - Thanks for the input. He's asking a bit more, but I'm hoping that he will negotiate to a reasonable price. 

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6 minutes ago, peyton mcadams said:

Well? how'd it go?

Wow....I forgot about this thread. 

I passed on it. It ran ok, but there were too many issues with the bike. I looked at several other KLRs and no of them really "spoke" to me. 


I found a Well set up, low milage (2400 original miles) 2006 DR650 on twtex.com (Two Wheeled Texan) for a steal and snatched it up. Overall I think the KLR was not quite what I was looking for. The DR is a great machine. I bought it in September and have put almost 7000 miles on it already. 


Here's a few pics of the DR on some rides.






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