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4stroke 250 and 2stroke 125

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Is there a huge difference between a 4 stroke 250 and a 2 Stroke 125

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For track or trail?

Peak power is similar when you compare the older 250Fs with the 125s or the newest 250Fs with the 150 2-strokes.  The 250F makes more average power (more power under the curve) because they have larger useable RPM ranges and power that is more evenly spread across it.  They are very different in how they make power.  250F is very linear, very tractable and very forgiving.  The 125 has less useable RPM range with the majority of it's power in the top half.  That makes the 125 feel much more on/off and much snappier.  If you make a mistake and bog a 4-stroke you can usually throttle through it.  If you make a mistake on a 125 and bog it, you'll probably have to downshift or use a bunch of clutch to get it back on the pipe.  The 125s weigh less, have less rotating mass and the weight is lower in the chassis making them handle very well.  

On a track, watching an expert who doesn't make mistakes ride a 125/150 is amazing.  For most amateurs they'll do better on a 250F.

On the trail, I love 2-strokes but I think that 125 MX bikes are not a good choice, especially for novice riders, because of the tall gearing and peaky motors.  But when you get into the 200s - 300s they are awesome in the woods.


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