Front sprocket leak

I posted this on xr650r yahoo groups. But a ride ago, i lost alot of oil during a ride. I checked the front sprocket where the oil was driping, and the little rubber around the rod was out a bit. I pushed it back with a screwdriver and it seemed okay.

Now its leaking a little bit, but not much. Im not sure where its coming from now. Cant be the rubber cause it doesnt look ripped or damaged in anyway.

Sounds like a leaking countershaft seal. It's a fairly common problem and an easy fix. Cheap too.

Countershaft seal part # 91205-MBN-672

Here's a link

That is a problem on the earlier XR650R's. I carry a spare seal and the tools to change it. In fact I just changed mine last week when I had the sprocket off. Picked up another for the back pack.

I wouldn't ride the bike if it's leaking. Just change it. If the seal pops back out you can cook your motor in no time with no oil. :)

Basically all I have to do is take the sprocket out, then that little thingy that holds the seal, and with some needle nose pliers just grab the rubber seal?

yep-thats it. 10 minutes and you are good to go...

thanx doods :)

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