Yamaha Banshee No Spark

I recently swapped frames on a banshee. I have a 2002 banshee and now that I have everything moved over to the "new" frame I'm no longer getting a spark when I try to start it. Actually, when I ground my body to something on the frame I get a spark (it shocked the hell out of my uncle). Otherwise, I get nothing. I've replaced the wiring harness to no avail. The original has this model #: 3GG 82590 20. The one I replaced it with is 5FK 82590 00. The harnesses look similar but some connectors don't plug in. I've gone online and took the advice of someone who said to plug the orange and black wires to coil and I grounded the coil mount to the cylinder head. I moved the coil ground to a clean spot on the frame, disconnected the voltage regulator, disconnected the TORS all to no avail. Again, the only time I get a spark is when I ground my body to the frame. Any suggestions? I've spliced my new wiring harness in a few places so am going to buy a new one if needed. 

When you say ground your body to the frame, you mean you standing on the ground and touching it with your hand? If that's the case, it's gotta be a grounding issue I think. Was your uncle just touching the frame when it shocked him? And where you kicking it over when it happened?

My uncle was standing on the ground, leaning against the frame of the quad and touching the bottom of the spark plug with his hand trying to determine if there was a spark. I was kicking the engine over. Yes, we figure it's a grounding issue but we just aren't sure where. The engine used to run perfectly before I swapped frames.

I'd check the grounding on the coil, or CDI. It's gotta be either one of those.

Okay, I'll be working on it again next weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!!

Sounds good. Keep us posted. ;)

We replaced the CDI and still no spark. Regarding the coil, we grounded it from the coil mounting bracket to the head and still no spark. What do you think?

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