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2012 250 XCF starting, idle, and, stalling issues..help.

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I recently replaced the freewheel bearing behind my flywheel and the electric starter motor.  The first ride after the bike had a little trouble with the E-start (like KTM's do) but would eventually go. However, it would only hold an idle for about 2 minutes (hot or cold). The next ride, the E-start would not engage but the exhaust sputtered as though it wanted to.  Half way through the ride the bike started to stall with the clutch all the way in.  It was a pretty hot day and a pretty hard trail.  When I first bought the bike it had very similar issues but seemed to be fixed by cleaning the fuel injector and replacing the fuel filter.  I also run non-ethanol fuel.  I thought this might be a fuel injector problem again, so I sent it out to be professionally cleaned. The tech told me the flow rate was fine when it came in and not much better when he was done, so he believes this is not my problem.  I don't have it back yet, so I'm not sure.  A friend sent me something regarding a potential fuel pump problem but I couldn't read it because it is the forum of "Orange Only" and I'm not allowed to enter Pat's iron curtain.  

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

Please and thank you.

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