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First image has story and background, to summarize the bike ran "great" before "a groundhog chewed the stator wire" following which it would not start, the last few images are of the old stator which the owner had attempted to rewire "exactly the way they were found" to bypass the chewed sections with no success.

I have since noted that there is no spark,

replaced plug with parts store acclaimed "equivalent" to the NGK CR8EK which says Autolite 4403 Copper Core and gapped plug @ .6mm / .024"

replaced wire / distributor cap

there is no killswitch hooked up but "ran fine before without one" and owner was "using the decompression valve" as a killswitch, i advised him to discontinue that method. 

i used a voltage checker (one of those AA battery powered beepers idk if that would detect it) and did not note any power coming from stator, case, wires, or coil / distributor wire

Are there any multimeter tricks I could do to determine source of issue? Is this supposed to be a dry stator and is the oil noted in case of stator an issue? 










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