Neck Roll...MX injuries

How many of you , if any, wear one of those Simpson neck rolls/braces? It seems like many PeeWees and kids use them but few adults. I just read another post talking about a guy breakng his neck in practice. I ruined my right leg last year and know how devasting an injury can be even when just riding for fun. I've been seriously thinking about one of these neck rolls, but am not sure of its value. Will it prevent a broken neck? How much does it restrict you head movement (and thus vision).


I have an EVS neck collar which is the basically the same thing. I wear it all the time, even when it's over 100 degrees, whether I'm trail riding or MX'ng. My wife and I both got one after she broke her collarbone. The collar is suppose to help prevent your helmet from hitting your collarbone and breaking it. It also limits the amount of movement for your neck in the event of a crash. My personal experience was coming off a 4th gear downhill double at Hangtown. Another rider had fallen and left his bike on the track. I didn't see it till I was already in the air and when I landed on it the bikes tangled and kicked me off over the bars. I'm not sure how fast I was going when I hit the dirt, but it was fast enough to break both my wrists and total my Bell Moto 7 helmet. I feel if I didn't have it on I would have wound up with atleast a broken collarbone. Once you start wearing one, you get use to it and will feel naked without it. My advice would be for everyone who falls, to get one and get use to wearing it. I don't even notice mine anymore and if it will help prevent injuries in a crash, I'll wear it. Dress for the crash, not the ride since crashing is a part of riding.


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I'm thinking seriously of getting one of these too. It would be cool to hear from people using different models to see which fits best and provides the most protection.

Ive never even seen one in a shop. Where would ya get one if ya wanted it? Right now Im nursing a bad neck as the result of a trip over the bars. And I broke my collar bone last december in a 4th gear collision that highsided me big time. Im 40 years old, and simply dont need the asprin bill anymore. :)

i am a pyhsical therapist. we treat alot of sport related neck injuries. Most of which are football related. my opinion of using a neck brace for mx is that it may reduce some injuries but its not a perfect solution. My reasoning most braces support the neck as it goes into extension (back) when in reality most severe neck injuries are from excessive flexion (bending forward) ie a football player is taught to tackle with his head up. braces can not restrict this motion. Also if the brace is not fitted properly (not the right size or in the right position as with the helmet)it can aid in causing a injury as the helmet will roll over the brace with the brace acting as a lever. this can happen with a side impact injury. this is the reason i do not personal use one. my advice is if you are going to use one it needs to be fitted by a therapist or athletic trainer to insure proper fit and location you dont want to cause a injury tring to prevent one.

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