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So, a while ago I bought a new in the box rooftop AC unit for my travel trailer from a guy on craigslist. Unfortunately, I didn't get around to installing it until now and I may have been ripped off, but maybe I just screwed something up.


When I am plugged into shore power and I turn the AC unit on to "cool" nothing happens, the compressor doesn't run, the fan doesn't run, nothing. If I turn it onto just "fan" nothing happens either.


I took the cover off the top to check if there was power up there and there is a full 115V going to the compressor and the fan. All 4 wires on the compressor (grey, blue, red, brown in the pic below) have 115V when the switch is in the "cool" position.


I took some resistance measurements between the compressor terminals, but don't know what to make of them other than it doesn't seem to be shorted or a broken wire inside.

I got:

0.5 ohms between R and C

3.7 ohms between S and C

4 ohms between R and S


Any help, insight, advice, or name calling appreciated.







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Have a home AC guy you trust? Nothing different.

I don't. I also don't want to pay for someone to fix it as I could probably buy a new one for about $100 more than that would cost.

I think I'll look into testing the capacitor and starter relay next.

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Good luck. For whatever reason elect stuff is very alien to me, just don't have any understanding. And its scary too!

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