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CH 90b call to action

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A meeting was held last week in Sturbridge Ma with the AMA and race promoters and track owners over the part of the law in CH90b that requires that racers in Mass register your bikes to race. The plan hashed out by the promotors and owners is the change the law. What they all asked was to fill out the link and share the heck out of it.  Without support of the rider racers this will not happen. Your series or club has asked for our support. NETRA, JDay, WVRC, MX338, Hill Climbers, Ice Races, NESC and others I do not know attended.

This link will send your rep a email before the bill comes up for a vote as well as updates on what is going on. The lobbyist at the meeting was explaining how bill's can be filed and didn't know if it would be "4 weeks or 4 months but hopefully not four years" , his words not mine. Top link was the meeting bottom is how to help, share the crap out of the bottom link.






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