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WR450F Fuel adjustment screw spring/o-ring STUCK!

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Hello everyone!

I am brand new to the dirt bike world and managed to get a my hands on an '05 WR450F with 428 miles! It's basically brand new! I bought it from a friend who had a few other bikes and this one sat for about a year. There was no fuel in it, but the small amount in the lines varnished over. No big deal. I put a few cups of fresh premium through and let it sit while I cleaned up a few other things when I noticed the fuel/air adjustment screw was leaking fuel. It is not the OEM screw, so it was pretty easy to take it out after tilting the carb. 

The issue is that when I removed the screw, the o-ring and spring did not come out with it. With as much as it was leaking, I figured that the spring and o-ring weren't there. There are a few things on the bike that make me think that someone tried working on it, but wasn't quite sure what they were doing. Anyhow, a friend of mine had a few Yamaha maintenance parts in his stock, including a spring and o-ring. I went ahead and put those on the screw and reinserted it into the carb thinking, "hey, if there is a spring in there already, I won't be able to thread this screw in easily." Sure enough, the screw went in without issue. They leak stopped, until we fired it up. We ran it for about 20 seconds before the leak started up again. Just like before. Drip drip drip. So, I went back and pulled the screw and the new spring and o-ring stayed up in the hole. I tried jiggling them out with the screw. No dice. I even took a super thin hard wire and bent a little hook in the end to try to pull it out. Nope.

How do I get the spring and o-ring out without pulling the carb and dissassmebling??

Please help! 

Like I said, I'M NEW. I'm pretty mechanical, but take it easy on me. ;)

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