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2010 CRF250R Hard Starting

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I have a 2010 CRF250R that has become increasingly difficult to start.  Engine was rebuilt with a 265 kit and has about 5 hours on it.  Starting problem was the same before and after rebuild.  Valve clearance is spot on.  A friend told me to disconnect the capacitor, and put 12 volts into system through capacitor connector.  Started first kick and ran perfectly.  Replaced capacitor, started easy for the next few days, now I'm back to where I started.  I replaced the stator with a spare that I had and it made no difference.  Replaced the fuel filter, which was very dirty, and it seemed much better initially and got worse the next day.  I have also found that I can start the bike easier if I kick it like a worn out two stroke, as fast as I can over and over, essentially keeping the flywheel turning. At this point, I am thinking that I have a problem with the fuel pump not building pressure quickly enough.  Along the same lines, I wonder if the injector is clogged or damaged and requiring maximum fuel pressure to fire correctly.  I don't want to shotgun expensive parts at the bike, as I've already covered the cheap stuff.  Has anyone seen this before?  Better yet, has anyone solved this before?  Thanks in advance for your help.  

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7 hours ago, tmsuspension said:

Sounds like injector or fuel pump like you say

Faulty injectors are common

If it was a faulty injector or fuel pump why would fire when using a 12 battery in the system? 

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