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Beta how to ride thread

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How to ride is for all brands.. but it's just simple to put for the Beta guys on the Beta threads..no need to change pages... For sure the Barry vids are a must to put in here.. This is just a fun thread for who wants to see some how to with Beta bikes..

Here's one to start.. but put what you like




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At 47, I feel like I've reached as far as I'm going to go in terms of riding at a fast pace.  There are times I'm more comfortable ripping, and times I'd rather just do a nice trail pace.  I've got nothing to prove and nobody to impress, so I just try to ride at a pace I know I'm comfortable at and just enough speed to maintain focus. 

But, as I get older, the areas I feel I still can improve is in the technical cross training type of riding.  That's where Barry's videos are so great.  Clutch, brake, throttle control, balance, etc are areas I still get enjoyment out of practicing and trying to improve. 

I really enjoy watching the real talented guys and am always amazed at the high skill level of the pros. 

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