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Wide axle wheels in a bike with narrow axles

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I'm in the process of doing a full rebuild of my 2001 wr426 motard, and I want a bike to ride while the Yamaha is on the bench


I've got a drz400e that I'm gonna register, and I could just put a couple of road tires on the stock wheels, but I've already got a set of supermoto wheels off the wr that I'd rather use.


Just had a quick look at everything this arvo, and the rear axles are different diameters. The drz axle is about 2mm smaller than the wr wheels.


If I want to run these wheels on the drz, do I need a full length sleeve for the axle, or just a new spacer on either side of the hub that is the same diameter as the small axle?


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You replace the wheel bearings and spacer with one that matches the bike the wheels are going on. You have to have side spacers machined to fit, then you dish the wheel as needed, ensuring the sprocket and rotor line up with the countershaft and caliper. It is not a simple bolt and go.

Buy road tires for the DRZ.

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