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WRF 426 Street maintenance

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Hi. I'm new to the community and i would like some help. I have found a killer deal on a used wrf 426 supermoto. Hotcams camshaft akrapovic full exhaust system and beringer front brake assembly. 

I will use it as a daily commuter and weekend playbike. My mileage will range  @ ~50-70km/daily.

I've heard that these things are dead reliable if maintained properly. I've heard ppl talking about 1500km oil changes and no need to change piston at all. I know how to get valves in spec and change oil/oil filters. So as far as practicality goes there will be no issues in the practical side of maintenance whatsoever.

What I'm sceptical about is what is the actual maintenance gonna be so the motor doesn't blow up on me (oil changes intervals in kms n stuff). Does any of you have any street experience with these bikes? 


Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance 

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