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Acerbis high-capacity fuel tank, 2017 EXC-F

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If you've purchased one for your 2017 EXC-F:

Is it a 4.1 or a 3.9 gallon (I've seen both listed and now only see the 3.9 version)?

Does it fit the 2017 well? Any necessary mods?

Has anyone in Commiefornia been able to have one delivered (please PM from where)?


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4.0 Acerbis here.

If you go to the banjo bolt, the shorter SX model is used or you can cut the stock bolt & pump plug to accommodate the thinner non-EPA stock tank. Add fuel injection hose, FI clamps (or oetiker crimp clamps), and some HD tapcon blue lags that are long enough to secure the pump in the back of the tank. Not sure about a tank sock for the cap in the US. I got one from Pro-fill in Australia.


Cycle Buy has the tank & fuel connector banjo under power parts:


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