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2015 CRF 450R.  70~ hours did a top end and now it wont idle.

 After installing the top end and riding bike  it wont idle once hot.  I can set the idle cold to about where i want it but once i give it gas and its warm it either idles at 3k rpm or dies.  WHen i say dies as soon as the throttle is not open the bike goes->0.  Even when its cold and you give it throttle it almost hangs at 3k then settles to 2k but once fully warmed it dies.  

I have cleaned everything in addition to the steps below.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as im without a bike and losing hair over this.  It seems electrical as i didnt notice that much of a power loss 


I have tried: remapped it all sorts of different ways, swapped throttle body from buddys bike that runs(TPS, injector, idle sensor, idle adjuster), checked all sensor and cleaned them, put buddys fuel tank on ( filter, pump etc), gas is not old, checked timing chain alignment( although the factory lines on the cam shaft are not perfect i believe with 98% certainty the cam is aligned properly) , air filters clean, no tlow on anti freeze, IAC sensor changed, 


sorry if this is in the wrong section, just trying to get some help

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