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2007 450 suspension tuner advice

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I recently purchased a 2007 Kx450f with a 500 mated to the frame.  The previous owner built this AF bike and never rode it do to a sad story.  Bike has sat for 7 years with a new engine, wheels etc..  It was recently put back together and offered for sale.  

I often send my suspension off and wonder who is best known for this year and model forks/shock?  Mostly national hare and hound riding (lots of whoops) and a few hill climbs are in the bikes future.  Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


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Come on guys - really.  I can post some nude picture of my neighbor - I'm just kidding


Anyone with some helpful advice?  I'm probably going to use Race Tech or similar but I do know certain bikes (years) have preferred tuners.  

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Well if you end up doing it yourself...

Here are some good settings for 2006-7 KX450F for rough MX with 165 lbs rider.

KYB AOS fork with a 0.46 spring:
Stock 2006 was super hash on high speed. Didn't hold up high enough and tire not tracking all the time.
Base: Optional 1mm smaller on the clamp (softer). Plus you must drill larger ports in the piston to remove the harsh spike.
Mid: 3x19.1 17.1 15.1 13.1 11 clamp (=softer). 0.3mm (tighter) float. Less blow through. Still plush.
Reb: Ensure 11.12 x-over. 1mm larger (11mm) clamp. Tire tracks nicely.

KYB 16mm shock with 5.2kg/mm spring:
Stock 2006 was way too soft on comp at all speeds, and reb was too soft at mid speed.
Comp: 8x40.15 34.15 28.15 38.2 36.2 34.2 32.2 30.25 28.25 27.25 26.25 24.25 23c
Reb: 8x36.15 28.12 36.25 34.25 32.25 30.3 28.3 26.3c

Mid way on all clickers and half way on the shock HSC should be real close.

Shock should be fine. Fork wont be as good as SSS but can be very nice most of the time.


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