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XT350 starting

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Since i rebuilt my 1990 XT350 it has always been a bit hard to start, and by this i mean the kick start is tough to operate.

I'm 100kg but find myself having to use some effort and bounce to get it going. I've got the decomp cable installed and there doesn't appear to be any adjustment.

Is this effort normal ?

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On mine, it's pretty easy to get going, and can get it moving by hand without too much effort (not at enough speed to start engine, but it'll crank)

Perhaps check the linkage, and where it connects to the head and see if anything is loose, or if it doesn't open the valve for decompression all the way?

Possibly could be the position that you installed it at. If the kickstart isn't all the way up on mine, the decompression won't kick in, and I cant get it to budge.

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