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2007 KLX110 Big Bore Carb Help

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My son's klx110 is running rough.  It has a 143cc big bore kit...also has the bigger carb after the big bore kit was put on.  Ran great.  After that the big bore froze up.  

We put on a new big bore kit with the upgraded race head.  Since then I have had an issue dialing in the carb.  I have tried moving the clip and everything.  A mechanic got it as close as he could...also tried different jets but would only run well without the air filter on.

At one point it ran really well but at idle if you gave it some gas it would bog down....not sure what the setting were at that point.

Do I need a bigger carb?  If so, which one?

Any other advice or recommendations?


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I little more info:

It runs well up until half way in 3rd gear it bogs down.

Also my mechanic mention that he tried rejetting changing clip position.  He put on a new air filter as well....the old one was ripped up pretty bad with some holes.  He said that the only time it ran well with new jets is when the air filter was off.

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