2000 YZ426F Owners Manual

Is there a place on the web to find a copy of a 2000 YZ426F Owners Manual. I purchased mine used, but did not get the manual. I found the Yamaha YZ426 2000 Parts Listing and Pricing at http://motoman393.forreal.net/tech/files/yz426fm.zip

I know someone else requested it. If anyone still has an ecopy or an original, please let me know.

I had the same problem last year. Ordered one from the dealer - but it got backordered. I barowed his & had it copied at a copy palce & put it in a 3 ring binder. 20 bucks total. Might try that - or I'll sell you my (unused) one that I finally got. Think it was around $50 - would have to check.

I'm in the process of scanning the '01 manual into bitmaps. I've got chapters 1-3 done, I'll hopefully get to finish it before next (not this) weekend. It's not exact for the '01 but maybe better than nothing.

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