Beta auto enduro review in 2009 DB shootout

Well continuing with clearing out old mags I came across this curious review/ shootout. Whats weird to me is this review came out with Beta having an auto clutch on the test bike..Beta had the option for auto from the factory if one wanted so I guess it made sense to showcase that aspect.. Still I would have just liked to see the bikes compared pretty evenly but oh well..Beta is an oddity at this point. So new and if any knew the brand it was most likely because of trials bikes...and so few came into the country.


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The funkiest thing about this review is the test was with a an auto.. as far as the assessment of the bike.. it's lame.. The zokes are fine and the suspension is fine.. soft sprung . for more technical.... but it was a 7 bike review and it's not like suspension was setup for these bikes.. There were options for these bikes too to get a race edition with better 50 zokes if I remember some other goodies like how race editions now with more bling and some upgraded parts.. There's a shock kit with an extended shaft that's a half inch longer too..

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New for 2009 is the 450 RR-race. This limited build model features the same proven Beta chassis with added features such as 50mm Marzocchi closed cartridge race forks, billet triple clamps, Leo Vince titanium exhaust with spark arrestor, special racing wheels, along with carbon fiber skid plate, frame guards, and rear air scoop. Only 20 examples of the 450 RR-race will be available in the US for 2009.


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