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i rode a 17 honda 450

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i did a bad thing  i rode a crf450 2017

it turned better than my 17 kx450

front brake was better

forks were as good as my Fc spring kit

and third gear was way more usuable


moved my bars to the forward most setting

i moved my fork up to the second line

set my sag to 107

bled my brakes, had to lighten up the rebound on my fork to make the newfound head shake go away , but it turns much better now, im running the white coupler, going to try the green  one today to see if i thought that honda was faster because im really slow and it pulled better off the bottom

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Pete, I'm a local MA guy and I have the Kawi tuner.  The green coupler is all baseline, the white is leaner with advanced timing and the black is richer with retarded timing.  For a stock bike on pump fuel, you want to add a bit of fuel on top, take some away in the middle and bottom and advance the timing.  The white coupler will be a bit too lean.  If we ever catch up at a local race, I'd be happy to flash one of your couplers with what we've worked out so far for you to try.  It really woke it up.  We have quite a few mutual friends (Dennis F. 865, the Czarnotas and that whole group) so I'm sure we'll cross paths.

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