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Check your petcocks. Failure on 2017 TX 300

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So I yeah a petcock failure today.  I know I am getting older but really?  The bike is only 5 months old and 80 hours so gas doesn't sit much.  I was trying to run my tank low to switch to a different 2t oil.  I was riding solo and was was heading off the single track and back on the dirt road.  Bike went to reserve as planned but then wouldn't start.  Wore the battery and legs down trying to kick it.  Lucky for me my wife was able to pick me up.  Anyway, pulled the fuel line and fuel would come out with bike on side switched to on.  Not a drop would come out on reserve.  Could of been a real bad day.  I am running California gas but should it be this corroded?  Looks like an anode rod from a water heater.  Most of our rides would not allow for a pickup so lesson learned.  Not sure the lesson but... check your petcocks and make sure your fuel flows on reserve or just run it on reserve to be safe!

2017-07-20 16.09.16.jpg

2017-07-20 10.41.40.jpg

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