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Suspension Differences between XCRW and XCF

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Hey all,

I have a question regarding two KTM's.

I have two 08 450's. I have a XCF 450 and a XCRW 450. I love the suspension on the XCF and want to dial the XCRW in to match it. I ride endurocross and trails with this bike.

Do you know how much difference there is between the design of the forks and shocks on the two bikes?

I can't tell any difference between the shocks but I notice the top of the forks have a slight difference (see pictures). 

Springs have obviously been changed between the two bikes but I'm wondering if I can just swap forks and shocks.





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Top picture is a closed chamber fork, usually used in MX (typically more expensive), while the bottom is an open chamber used in enduro and trail riding (typically less expensive).  Different designs altogether.  If you look on Youtube, several videos show the breakdown of each type of fork.  Slavens has a couple of rebuild videos where he shows how each works.  

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