Helpful hints on buying a 2nd hand WR450 03

Hi all,

Im currently in the market for a WR450 03 model, I would really appreciate some advice on what to look out for when buying one second hand.

cheers :)

Awesome bikes, the only problem i've had with mine is the starter crapping out after only 4 months :)

it's easy for us to tell you what you "have" to do, but we're serious about the starter upgrade stuff. a dealer is probably going to tell you he doesn't know what your talking about. a private owner may not have heard of it and he may be getting rid of the bike because of problems he's already had. do a search in this forom for starter upgrade. the newer posts should have part numbers. make sure you find the ones with the part number for the side cover bushing. it's a bit over $200 for the parts.

other than that it's the same as any bike. one thing with yamahas that will give you a hint to the wear and tear. if the odometer cable is still in one peice and the black yamaha logos are on the fork gaurds and swing arm, it probably hasn't been abused to bad.

Thanks every one, I think i might be better off saving some extra dollars and buying the 04 model :)

Do not be afraid of the 03. Have the seller take $300 off for the starter motor parts and aggrivation and spend 15 minutes on the upgrade. It is very easy. That being said if you find a deal on a 04 go for it. Either way good bike.

is htis problem with the starter and woodruff key only in the states and canada?

as i have a 03wr450 and many friends do too.

and nobody has experienced any problems at all.

dealers dont seem to be aware either.

my first post :):D :D

I'm in australia and had the flywheel key shear at 1200 ks so it can happen anywhere.Do the 04 upgrade and hopefully this will be the end of your troubles.

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