Its terrorism plain and simple, time to call it what it is. Lets start complaining to congress about terrorism in our forests and deserts. Eco Nazi mutha's on the loose.

I dont know if anybody else saw it, but last night (sunday) Maximux Exposure did a segment on Greenpeace and thier efforts to do this and that, it was great! Shoulda seen this, they had footage of an English ship dumping waste into the north sea, with the greenpeiceof****e zodiacs chasing the ship. They were cruising underneath the cranes that were dumping the waste. It was too funny, but the English were aiming at the Greenies with the dumploads. Hit several, to stand outside my house vand listen, you would have thought the superbowl was on!

Very sick. I'm disgusted. My friend's name is Glock, he has no safety and could lose his mind in an instant if provoked. I think I might start carrying him with me on my rides seeing how it is legal in Arizona to do so....Just need to figure out a way to keep him clean and out of harms way if I crash.., maybe mount my holster right on the front of my chest protector since I never seem to slide on my face...LOL, no chambered round of course for my own safety.

I've never been one to join groups, but I think I will now.

These bastars are cowards who dare not face their so called enemy. If their cause is so justified why not face it like men instead of resorting to terrorism?


The problem here is two wrongs don't make a right. I wish it was like the old days and the best man(OHV guys)won with a good old fashioned ass-whoopin'. But it is not. If some vigilante on a dirt bike goes through town wreaking havoc, it's going to open a bunch of ignorant eyes to how bad we are as a group. The hippies can get away with this crap because of their peace loving shell that society sees when a new park opens in town or some six-toed salamander is saved. We really need to stay focused and try to present ourselves as up-standing, law abiding citizens. And try to get the authorities or OHV lobby groups involved if something crazy is found out in the woods that could be dangerous. I have been e-mailing this link to any hiking, horse riding groups and of course trail riders in my area. I recomend that everyone does the same thing and let them know that you are a TRAIL RIDER concerned about there safety in the woods.

Fu#k those dirty pot smokin bastards. I say all of us Pa boys find out where those bastards are hidin and meeting and screw joining a group. We should open em up with a little shotgun trap of our own. Dont know about you guys but mine is a semi auto 10 gauge named Berthe. See how many traps they can set with no ass and a no legs. Damn tree huggers.

Sorry fellas they piss m off beyind beleif. Just venting.

I understand that we need to make some noise about this and not just get pissed, but first pot smoking eco-freak I catch rigging this crap up (or worse off, if I get caught by one and find out who did it) is going to get the a$$-kicking of his/her life! I WILL NOT stand for this "total disregard of human life" as someone else put it. Around here (Idaho), local motorcycle clubs (which I am a member of) clean the friggin trails that the eco-freaks walk on! I'll bet they wouldn't think my bike was so bad when their favorite trail got closed because us guys on our bikes didn't cut out all the deadfall! Eco-freaks beware, I'm mean when you start messing with me, and I won't stand for this crap!

I saw that link years ago. that is the worst stuff i have every seen. the same kind of crazyness found in those people can be found in people who fly planes into buildings. i have never heard of people being hit by that stuff but that story about the mountain bike is crazy. its a bike. it causes the same about of destruction as walking in the woods does. ow and by the way, my rich as hell uncle owns a logging company in OR. setzer forest products. i have sweat shirts from his company that i wear to my libral college teachers classes. i sit there and BS about enviormental crap with it just to Get an A and laugh in side my head the whole time.

Oh trust me on this. I'm not saying I would just walk away and call the cops or the BRC before my own investigation. If I were to personally witness or fall victim to one of these contraptions, a huge can of whoop-ass would be torn open. All I am trying to say is we can't just roost on any old guy wearing a tie-dye because he's "one of them". We need to direct our aggression in the right direction.

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I've saved up some money to buy the Dr.D pipe, but after reading that I think I'm going to buy Armalite AR-15.

if youre interested, theres a website out there that has a database of companies and what causes they support and send money to (ie pepsi and the anti gun movement) i think its greenwatch.com or something. other than that, find your local military base, im sure theyll be there bitching about the war.

I don't know how to post links but go check this out.


This the site with all of the "recipes" for disaster against us riders.

What is wrong with Pot smoking? I am sure no motorcycle riders do that! :) If I do happen to smoke pot, it doesnt mean I booby trap trails! Pick on one issue at a time. BTW how was that 6 pack you just drank? Drinkers always seem to be more violent, but I even drink too! :D

Originally posted by Fastest1:

What is wrong with Pot smoking? I am sure no motorcycle riders do that! :) If I do happen to smoke pot, it doesnt mean I booby trap trails! Pick on one issue at a time. BTW how was that 6 pack you just drank? Drinkers always seem to be more violent, but I even drink too! :D

I concur wholeheartedely ...I say we kick their asses then take their pot .I'll smoke a bowl,chug a beer and rip the trails up with my torque monster as I slam my swingarm to square off on a tree berm (ripping all the bark off) ,rip up roots,ruts a plenty,roll into a creek and buzzsaw my way up the side,havin fun and high as a mofo on a muddy day.

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Here in Pa There were 2 people killed while ripping through a field there were traps set up but the property was not posted, and there was some type of wire tied between 2 trees and they were doing about 40-50mph and they died, am not sure about the facts but thats what my dad told me.

Pavelkod, that is the same trap design set up on that web site posted, probably the same people. Now we have a murder case against these extremists. :)

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