Sub frame wear

Anyone else have wear from the chain on the rear subframe.

Me and a mate I ride with gave got what seems to be excessive side movement of the chain. He has put another piece of steel, stainlees I think.But if I go for a fix I'll probably try a bit of alloy.

Went for a ride today and was very wet and muddy and I think the chain is totalled.Have a new Regina X-ring chain and supersprox sprockets to go on soon.And a new rear tyre? I'm goin to try the new Michelin ac10 I hope it works well in the mud and sand.

Yeah, when the chain gets a bit loose, they do that. Mine's getting chewed up pretty bad. Thanks for reminding me, I need to get something on there to protect it. :)

My chain slapped really bad against the sub frame, so I ajusted the slack to spec and put a 1/8 inch piece of rubber under my chain guide at the swing-arm. You have to lossen the allen bolts that hold it on. Cut to fit a 6"or so piece, tighten it down and it shou :thumbsup:ld work. Good luck.

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