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88 RM250 Power Valve Setup

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Reassembling my engine today and put the exhaust / power valve back in but am unsure if I did it correctly or not. Picture is below. I'm unsure of especially the spacer location but am wondering about those bushings also. Should all that shit be outside that area?

I forgot to snap a pic before taking it apart and can kick myself in the ass now over it! Any help you guys can offer would be appreciated!



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I would replace those striped out screws. They've seen better days and should be loc-tited with blue on oil free threads. 


The spacer you have arrow pointing to looks like the one that goes inside adjustment spring to keep it centered on shaft. Bushings don't look like they belong there either. Don't those go in the bore that PV shaft goes through?  Parts diagram shows them going with the lip side out. 

Pin that goes through valves themselves looks backwards too. 



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