While tightening...

I put on the right side crankcase cover and tightented all the blots up nice and then went to that oil line that comes out of the top of the case and up into the cylinder. I tightened it a little too much, it lost all its tension but it doesnt leak oil? I cant move the bolt around with my fingers. Should I just shut up, dont touch it and ride then helicoil it next time I have the cover off? :)

I feel so stupid. I usually make fun of kids for doing this! It would be nice if I could get a little sympathy! :D

heli coil. And no sympathy if you weren't using a torque wrench! :)

I stripped the same line on my 426 (the one one the side case not the head right?) and I just put a helicoil in it before something bad happened. I still have the kit, they give you enough to redo it about 12x cost me $65+drill bit

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