2017 RE plastics

I want to get a second set of plastic for my Beta 300 RR Race Edition.  My dealer, and the online parts catalog show one color, which looks like the darker red than the RE.  The Race Edition looks a lot brighter than the regular RR. I was told when I emailed Beta that the stickers made it look brighter, but they look the same.  Can anyone confirm that either my dealer is wrong, or that I am nuts?


Thanks in advance!

Same red on all Betas.

Beta red is a weird color, looks a lot different depending on the light. 

Thanks for reply.  Yeah I am shocked, I thought the normal RR plastic was like the Red on the frame.  It is a weird color.  

I had HBD Graphics print out some number stickers for the bike, and they print for all Beta's race teams, and they couldn't match the factory colors.  They said nearly impossible and they tried A LOT!  

Yeah they match pretty good in the bright light. In the shade not as well, but it still looks awesome👍  Never seen anything besides the stuff from the factory actually match perfectly.

However we decided we like the white better anyways




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