Pontiac SX, 1>3pm EST, ESPN2, Sunday, 4/4

thanks for the reminder Kevin


It was a really good show last night!!! :D :D :D

ESPN does SX NO justice when they show it on TV!

I say boot off a couple of shows and let us watch practice and ALL the heats

Real life is Sooooooo MUCH BETTER!


Yeah it sure doesn't get much better than real life, get to see all the opening ceremonies and all the mistakes.

Hey trailriderjoe were you there? if you were what did you think about Tyler Evans dismount during the opening ceremonies? :):D

I really felt sorry for him (yea I was there). He came bookin accross the track didn't see the small 1 ft birm (cause it was nearly pitch black) :), and sent him for a good dance with the front fender :D before he decided to give up the ghost and bail :D. He took it well, stood up smiled at the crowd, and we applauded him for his attempted save. It was just way too dark, and he was at the right spot at the wrong time :D

That sucked for him definitely, i was there for the friday practice and that bump was not there then, i don't think it was there for the practice earlier that day, they must have added it when they groomed the track after practice. I was very happy that he did not get hurt, and he did take it very well. Sucks that he had that crash in the main, he was rideing really well.

wouldn't you know it...

I took my daughter to the nearest mall...35 minutes away. I had been watching the race. The 250's JUST STARTED. I pop in a tape, hit record and left.

My son walks in 2 nano-seconds later, changes the channel, and I have 2 hrs of cartoon network!!! :D :D :)


The track got birmed from practicing, matter of fact, look how high, slick, and soft the final birm got for the tripple (right after the woops) opposite the finish. That birm during practive covered the Thor bales several times throughout the day. They had to keep going out and scraping it back down.

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