Still looking for N. E. Ohio riders

Where are all the NE Ohioians? I have a great place to ride but few people to ride with.

By the way, I am always looking for new riding areas if your in a trail guide mood.

The muds drying up, we have to hurry!

Stillerz- I'm in Columbus. Normally hit Honda Hills, Wayne National, or local little spots mixed in with a few other MX tracks. Wayne (near Logan/Athens) is fantastic if you've never been there-you should try it :D I've been riding there for about 4 years, so know the trails relatively well. Although last time I got about "10 miles lost" :)

I'm a trail rider primarily but do hit the track occasionally. I s*ck at MX, but what the heck it's a lot of fun, even when those little CR80's whip by me.

Where are you? Where do you propose riding?

How far is it from say, Mansfield?


Send me an email, use my profile to access the address. I looked for yours????



97 KDX220, 86 TTR225, 99 WR400f, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. De-octopussed. Works frame guards and Thumper Rad Guards, Scotts steering damper. Odometer and headlight removed. Cycra Pro-Bend hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank, IMS seat and number plate. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA, Happy Ramblers MXC, Rausch Creek MXC, Tower City Trail Riders.

I live in the Canton area.I'm always looking for new places and new faces to ride with.

I am also a Trials rider.Any Trials enthusiasts out there?Great way to work on your balance and control.

Send me an E-mail if interested.

I live in Cleveland and ride all the time(every weekend) I have a camper I keep at wayne national in Camp Ohio right off the trails. and am always looking for some hardcore riders to ride with. We also ride hillsville and wellsville. My bike is street legal and that opens up a whole new world of riding. If you want to ride some time e-amil me at

pray for a nice weekend soon!

tired of riding in the rain.

It was fun at first but enough is enough.

1998 wz400

street legal

all yz mods

I am not sure that I am a hardcore rider, but I am game for most riding conditions, however, I think I would get low style points. A friend and I have about 130 acres to ride on in Ashtabula. It's close and fun for me. There are about 7 miles of trials and 2 small tracks. Let me know if you guys are interested

Going down to wayne this weekend.

but I am always up for a new place to ride

I once rode at rt. 45 down some railroad tracks, and have some friends that live on stanhope kellogsville rd. are you near there?

I think hardcore is the wrong word for me I'll try (dedicated to finding my limits without breaking me or my bike) maybe it won't challenge you at all.

I pretty much go to my camper (in wayne) every weekend. Just missed my first weekend this season last week.

If you want to visit wayne just e-mail me.

that goes for all riders that love this sport as much as I do...

If you want a place with hot showers (first come first serve).

call camp ohio 1-740-753-2303 for info

ask for scott. Tell him Vince sent you

Perhaps I'll try to make a trip up to Ashtabula sometime. How does the 3rd weekend in June grab you? I always like to try new riding areas!!


How far are you from the Ohio/Michigan line. I'm about 20 min north of Monroe Michigan. I'm looking for new places to ride instead of my place near Cadillac Michigan. The drive you know is about 250 miles from my down state home. :)


I am located near rt 45 but the property I am talking about is not the tracks. I road on them a few times and was pretty bored. Flat and straight forever, yuck.

I am located a long way from the ohio mich. line. Ashtabula is almost Erie, Pa.

Wayne forest sounds like alot of fun, alot of people tell me about it.

The third weekend in June, What are the dates (no calender nearby and I am lazy) sounds ok with me but I have to tell you that I am really tired of riding in the rain. I would hate for you to make the trip and have it rain that weekend.

I just looked at my calendar and realized the closing on my house is on the Fri the 22nd. So that weekend isn't going to work!

What about Sat July 7? I sure hope the rain stops by then! Yes, it's been a real dreary spring in Columbus-normally the riding weather is about perfect! Perhaps we can have a quick Ohio get together in NE ohio in July.

Yes, Wayne is awesome! Right now, the trails are probably extremely challenging due to the rain/mud. I'll probabably stay away from Wayne until it dries up a little.

I'm heading to Pa to Bills the weekend prior to ride Tower City and Raush Creek!

Stillerz, can you tell us more about the riding area? Are there plenty of trees and obstacles? Any jumps?

Carver- Trials sounds like a lot of fun, altough I've never tried it. I thought about picking up a used trials bike last year, in fact.

Also have a bud in Cleveland with a quad that would probably like to check out a new riding area as well. He's probably only an hour from Ashtabula (bedford area).

Guys-what do you think--July 7 ?????

Okay, here is my best description of the area that I ride at. I am not very literary so keep that in mind.

The land encompasses (sp?) about 130 acres. We have about 7 miles of trails if you count every trail that we have (even the 100yard ones).

Are there lots of trees? Hummmmmm, I am not sure what you mean by that, but, all of the trails are through the woods, widest trail is about 7 feet, narrowest is bar width.

Being in northern ohio we don't have hills in the common definition of the word. But we have done our best with what we have.

There is a creek that crosses throught the property, its about 10 feet wide but it sits in a depression about 5 feet deep. Crossing that creek and climbing the hill on the other side is about the most challenging thing we have, the hill is about 100-130 yards long but it is slippery and off camber, most people that try it make it eventually, so its not like its really hard, its just challenging.

The "tracks" that we have were built by hand if that tells you anything. They are not anything to brag about but we have fun on them. There are a couple of 20-35 foot jumps. we have one 50 footer but the approach is tough and so far only one person has done ( my 14 year old son, on a 125 ) .

All in all, we have a good time with what we have, its close for us, and its ours, no one can bit**.

The trails can get slippery with even a mild rain, I don't know why that is but it seem like the base is firm and the surface layer turns into grease, that really cuts the speeds down and increases the tree impact quotient.

all the guys that ride (all 7 of them)there are really friendly and into riding, we are not the best, but we have fun.

Thats about all the description I can muster, I know that it is very vague, but hey, try describing your riding area, it aint easy :)

Oh, I forgot, please don't ask me why, because I really don't want to get into it BUT, WE REALLY DISLIKE QUADS.

Its a long story but that is the jist of it.

Not trying to be poopy, but we have a history concerning this topic and ALL of the regulars are in agreement, we find people riding on the property all the time, it just seems to us that based on our experience, we prefer to keep quads out. Sorry, I would be disowned if a quad showed up on my invitation. :)

No problem on the quad, no explanation needed! Sounds like a nice little spot..sounds similar to a place near my home in Columbus. Small handbuilt track, some woods, creeks, etc. Let's catchup early next month...

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