Clymer Repair Manual vs Yamaha?

OK so I think it's probably safe to say that the Yamaha manual is going to be more complete than anyone else. However, it's also 35$ more and I really wonder if it's worth it. I really just want a manual that can explain thngs such as jetting/timming/suspension tunning/ and then teardown and assebly of the motor and drivetrain. Does the Clymer manual not provide all this info, and if it does then why is the Yamaha one worth the extra coin?

I am not familiar with the Clymer manual for the YZ/WR 400, but in general, every one I have owned for any othe bike has had errors in it. Some small, some not so small.

I think the factory manual is worth at least double of what the Clymer sells for.

Every Clymer manual I've ever use wasn't worth diddley squat.....Factory manual or Haynes are the best.

I have both. I end up using both too, as most times one is better, either pictures or technical infomation, than the other. They are both less than perfect. I would save the $35 if it were me and go with a clymer.

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