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Idaho City

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Just moved to the Boise area and wanted to head up to Idaho City area to camp, ride, fish.... any recommendations on a campground I can get a big toy hauler in and ride from? Thanks!

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I'd have to say the developed campgrounds near Idaho City are fairly small, not big trailer friendly, and not right next to main trails. There are some campgrounds right next to the highway, 10 Mile, Bad Bear, Hayfork, further up Edna Creek. I don't remember them being great for anything but small trailers and tents, but you could probably shoehorn a larger trailer in a few spots. Also the roads off the highway are pretty small, and you should probably scout them before taking your trailer up them.

To be really close to Idaho City, you are going to want to look at primitive, undeveloped camping, so be self contained. This is popular around here, and allowed in most areas. Maybe for your first trip you could park it at Thorn Creek Trailhead, which we used to call Steamboat. The road is on the right about a mile or so out of town, It was/is an old tubing/sledding area in the winter, with an area flattened out from the hydraulic mining rubble. Not as nice as a developed campground, pretty rocky, but plenty of room, and two creeks right next to it. It is a main trailhead for a good single track system in that area. If you get there early there are better spots close to the creek. Otherwise it's in the "parking lot".

The other spot is up the road a couple more miles, Granite Creek/Rabbit Creek road. There are a few spots by the creek, and across the highway is a very large area, once again this is all undeveloped. There are pit toilets in the parking lot. This is another good access point to some single track.

You will get used to the area and realize the camping and riding is endless, but maybe camp close to the highway until you get the lay of the land.

Dave (I need to think up a cool nickname like Woodsy Dave, Whiskey Dave, IdahoDave?) 





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