hot cams stage 1?

hello,i would like to no when changing the cam to a hot cams stage 1,do i keep the pop up oiler that resides beneth were the decomp use to be?Also will i need to prime the oil pump, the case to cylinder head cover oil line was removed,ty. :)

I left mine in my first XR650 when I installed the hotcam. I took it out on my second one when I installed the hotcam. It made no difference. Saturate the cam and bearings with recommended lube before you start the bike.

hey guys , i was just wondering the process of priming the oil pump on the 650r . Also, is the stage one hot cam the best? i want to get a cam now!, but i cant choose the right one, i have no idea. Next year im going to pump up the compression ratio too and and do some head work . i need to get a cam that would be compatable with that also. I have the eb Quick Silver also. lol Sorry For the over load question

My understanding is the stage 1 cam gives more low to mid range without losing anything off the top and the stage 2 sacrafices the low and some low-mid range for a gain on top. It just depends on where you want to make your power. If you're going to flat track the bike or ride a lot in the upper RPM range, then a stage 2 would make more sense to me. If you're out for fun, riding trails or even racing GNCC type stuff, then I'd be looking at a stage 1 cam from my point of view. You can get some of the low end power back with a high compression piston. Proper porting can enhance the power as well, but a bad port job can also mess things up, so make sure you deal with someone reputable and experienced in this area that can deliver your targeted needs.

Give HotCams a call and get their opinions. Also call Rob Barnum of Barnums Pro Products since he builds these engines in all kinds of flavors from mild to wild with reliability in mind. Rob's info is listed on the front page of ThumperTalk

I'm right there with Qadson--

Also-there are some who prefer the HRC cam over the HotCam-but i have no opinion on that.....

Baja racers and Supermotarders get the stage two, everyone else the stage one.

Its a GREAT mod!

Almost equivalent to the un-corking... :)

Ok guys, thanks for the reply, does any body know how much the stage 2 cam changes the power ban? in my oppinion my xr dosnt have very much at all up top , its all low end, like in a drag race in the dirt, my bike IS faster by a sec or 2 when i dump the clutch in 2nd rather than firs, even with 15 45 gearing! so , if i dont loose a ton of low power , maby the stage 2 is better, what about reliabilty, and starting? is it harder on the valve train? what is the barnums cam? pro cons? hrc? and i definatly plan to have xrs only port and polish the head next year along with the 10.5:1 So maby the stage 2 would be a better up-gradeable

cam. I love my Quick silver too! also, how do you prime the oil pump guys, thanks soo much. pa sorry for the misspelling , i was in a hurry

Does anyone have any detailed instructions for install a Hotcam Stage 1 in a 2001 xr650r? I just bought one but the instructions are not that good.


Also-there are some who prefer the HRC cam over the HotCam-but i have no opinion on that.....
Wait a minute! Irondude has no opinion????:cry:

Good to see you back I-D. The Baird family was rooting for you!:cry: ...and that Mike Kay guy too!


yes ,take the rocker covers off and also the alternator cover off put the piston on top dead center as if you were going to check the valve clearances,once you can wigle both intake and exhaust rockers ,take the rocker cover off and then remove the camchain tensioner ,after that you should remove the cam sproket bolts then remove the camshaft and pull both bearings off the ends of the camshaftremove the popup spring oiler ,it will be right under the camshaft and it will have a spring undeneath it ,you wont need it for the hot cam,you will need to get a bearing puller and pull the camsprocket retainer(the bit which the camsprocket bolts to) from the stock camshaft dont pull on the ears or they will snap off (the ears are the bits which the cam sprocket bolts screw into.

once you have removed the sprocket retainer it should push on by hand onto the hot cam it will have a machined slot between the splines this is the timing mark this timing mark should line up central with the dot on the end of the hotcams cam put the cam sprocket on the camshaft but leave the bolts out push the bearings onto the ends of the camshaft,loop the cam chain over the end of the camshaft,now drop the cam into the head and make all the cam lobes face down now line up the camsprocket timing marks with the edge of the head (as the ngine manual shows)make sure the alternator marks are also timed up put locktight on the camsprocket bolts and torque to 14ftlbsand then replace cam chain tensioner ,and the restis simple as doing a valve job.the baes way to do it is to buy and engine manual and it will guide you step by step,it is quite easy if you are mechanicaly minded.

good luck


Thanks for the reply. Sounds pretty easy. I will let you know how it turns out.

Thanks again

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