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im having a issue with my suzuki ds 80

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Hi, Im new to this site but it seems awesome so far!       (if you dont want to hear about backstory on bike and story about me on it skip all the way to the end.     if not enjoy!):thumbsup:

anyway to the topic i have a 1995 suzuki ds 80 its a great bike and its my first clutch and 2 stroke bike (im 15) and it's great. But the problem

is that when i bought it it ran by it self so i clean the carb. And it was missing a clutch and clutch cable so i put that in it ran by it self.

and one day i took it to my dads friend he works on atv's and dirt bike's and he said he will look into it and a few months later 

he told us to come pick it up. I was excited to go get it hoping it was fixed come to find out he couldn't do anything because the kickstart is broken.

also forgot to mention my kickstart is wasted on the bike so i always bump start it. So i felt bummed about it but then when we were about to leave he

took the spark out and when we looked at it was bad the spark was destroyed so he told us to get a new one and im sure it will run.

The next coming days my dad decided it was time to go get a new spark plug and when we got a new one we put it in and put a bit of carb cleaner in the carb

and told me to try it. so i did and after one or two tries it ran! a few days later (is when im writing this) i decided to go riding and met 2 guys (25 and 30) named elliot and ryan.

they were really cool we went riding then back to there house and we talked for a bit but here's were the problem is when we went riding everything was going great then we came to a spot with lots of twist and turns and it was muddy. it was fun and all intill my bike didn't have much room to go (too much corners) and it kept dying because the bike wont stay on!!

to get to the point the problem is my bike wont stay on by it self. The only

 way to keep it on when i stop is to rev it by holding clutch please help. (haven't messed with the idle screw at all)

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A combination of dirty air filter and old gas could make a bike struggle on idle, but if all of this is has been looked over already, I would go next for the idle screw like you mentioned.

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