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2015 FC450 starter problems

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So yesterday, my bike started acting up. After some troubleshooting and searching this site, I've come up with a few culprits.


First off, lets get down to what happened. Went out to start the bike to go riding, and it seemed the battery was weak. (was just running fine the day before)  Put the charger on it and gave it a bit to charge, started sorta hard, but fired up. Went riding all day, didn't seem anything was wrong. (bump started it most of the day because it was mostly all downhill and I wanted to give the battery a chance)

Went to start it again today, same thing, seems like weak battery. Spinning over slower than normal and seeming like the compression is kicking it back. Put jumper cables from my buddy's 4wheeler and again, started hard but fired. Only this time, now there is a kinda high pitched shrill sound while starting. Rode a mile or 2, shut it off to see what would happen, again, weak battery symptoms. Bump started it and fires right up.

Loaded up, went to town and bought a brand new battery, same thing. Slow start, kicks back, backfires through the exhaust, and the shrill noise.

I know most of this has nothing to do with my symptoms, but I checked the air filter, changed the fuel filter, drained the oil, checked the pan and mag plug. All checked out fine.

I pulled the starter, bench tested it, seemed to work great. Took starter apart, a tiny bit of grime inside, cleaned it up, brushes look good, slide well in their grooves, put it back together, bench tests fine.

Reinstall on bike, same thing, nothing has changed.

So I'm searching this site and I find a thread about KTM's needing the torque limiter tightened. My question is, does the Husky engine have this same type of setup. Figured I'd ask before tearing the clutch out and engine apart just to see. Or buying a new starter and not needing it.



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I'd like to thank everyone for their helpful input and knowledge on this situation. I'll keep everyone updated so this may help someone else with similar problems in the future.

I borrowed a starter off a friends bike just to see if that was my problem, made no difference.

I pulled the valve cover and checked the shim clearance. Both of the intakes were a little out of spec.         .08 and .09mm      So I ordered a HotCams shim kit and waited for it to arrive.

Kit showed up, now time to remove the rocker arms. Intake rocker arm shaft would not budge. So with a little help from a rubber mallet and some clever wedging, it came free.

When it came out, I could clearly see that the arm had welded itself to the shaft. The arm had the DLC worn off it as well.

Ordered new arm and shaft, reinstalled, got valve shim clearance within spec, cranked over without sparkplug installed so I could witness that it was oiling, everything seems as it should be.

Put it all back together, fully charged battery, and same crap. Starting slow, now starter bendix disengages, backfires through exhaust.

Guess I'm just going to pull the side cover and replace the torque limiter gear after all.

She needs new clutch discs anyway.


Thanks again, Clayton



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