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Sponsorship Offer for the Dice ride and Raffle Sept 15 and 16

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For a $500 donation you,your organization or a group of you will have one of the routes named in your honor. The course will be marked with signage that has your name/logo . You will be on the promotional video that is going to be made and you will get a copy. Your info will be posted on the website and in the information packet when you sign in and also publicly posted at the event. ex. a group of you could be the T-34's ( the fast,powerful and dependable Russian Tank). You could challenge the Tiger Tanker's ( the powerful but slow and undependable German Tank)lol.  Or how about the Sherman's ? Nicked name the Ronson by the Brits.

Note: This donation is separate from the entry fees.

Here is the promo video from the Bend ride in May


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